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This section provides a range of reference documents on the mobility of ACP artists and cultural field operators.

This section brings together institutional documents (legislations, political strategies, international conventions and declarations…); reference studies; articles; practical tools (examples of programmes and projects) and external links to websites with relevant information. Geographic key words enable to cross-reference documents by theme and by region.


Commission Européenne, Olivier Audéoud, Etude n° DG EAC/08/00 - Etude relative à la Mobilité et à la libre Circulation des personnes et des productions dans le Secteur Culturel.
2002, FR, 33 pages.
Keywords : Mobility, Culture and Development

Commission Européenne, Olivier Audéoud, Study on the Mobility and Free Movement of People and Products in the Cultural Sector.
2002, EN, 29 pages.
Keywords : Europe, Mobility, Culture and Development

ECOTEC, Knowledge sytems for Cultural Mobility.
EN, 9 pages.
Keywords : Mobility

Secrétariat ACP, Rapport 2011 sur la Mobilité Humaine - Migration et Développement Humain dans les pays ACP - Résumé Exécutif.
2011, FR, 4 pages.
Keywords : ACP, Mobility

Practical Tools

Commission Européenne (DGEC) ERICarts Institute , Mobility Matters - Programmes and Schemes to Support the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Final Report.
2008, EN, 64 pages.
Keywords : Europe, Mobility, Cultural Cooperation

Commission Européenne, (DGEC), ECOTEC, Information systems to support the mobility of artists and other professionals in the culture field: a feasibility study - Final Report.
2009, EN, 167 pages.
Keywords : Europe, Mobility, Cultural Cooperation

Commonwealth Foundation, Cultural Understanding - Case Study: Triangle Arts Trust.
EN, 2 pages.
Keywords : Africa, Mobility

Commonwealth Foundation, Case Study: After Mikuyu performance project - Validation and Recognition.
EN, 3 pages.
Keywords : Mobility, Cultural Diversity

EACEA, Open Call for Tenders - Reference No EACEA/2007/06 “Study on mobility of cultural workers in Europe”.
2007, EN, 21 pages.
Keywords : Europe, Mobility

Links :

Art Moves Africa, Boursiers d'Ama, 2006, Luc Mayitoukou, Manager Culturel
Keywords : Africa, Mobility

ArtMovesAfrica, Les bourses AMA
Keywords : Africa, Mobility

Mobility Hub Africa
Keywords : Africa, Mobility

The ACP Cultures website offers further information on the funding of cultural programmes in the Support to ACP cultural operators section :
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