Addressed to project's applicants, institutions and operators. This chapter comprises a procedure toolkit from the design of a project to its fulfilment, through different documents to download.
- Part 1 : Elaboration of a project
- Part 2 : ACPCultures Standard documents: Grant contract & Annexes
- Part 3 : Implementation & Follow-up tools
- Part 4 : Visibility & Communication tools
- Part 5 : Examples from other programmes

Part 1: Elaboration of a project

Advices before starting to complete a Grant application form

Part 2: ACPCultures Standard documents: Grant contract & annexes

Special Conditions Model interim narrative report
General Conditions applicable to grant contracts Model interim financial report
Contract-award procedures Model final narrative report
Standard request for payment Model final financial report
Financial identification form Model report of factual findings and terms of reference for an expenditure verification
Per diems rates (07/07/2009) Model financial guarantee

Part 3: Implementation & Follow-up tools

Fact sheet about indicators (French only)

Fact sheet: questionnaire on impact/Methodology note

(French only) Note technique : annexe VI au contrat de subvention : modele de rapport financier

(French only) Note technique : FRAIS DU PERSONNEL

Part 4: Visibility & Communication tools

Communication and visibility Manual for EU external actions

Logo ACPCultures

Logo CE

Logo ACP Group

Logo ACP Group

Part 5: Examples from other programmes

Model Partnership Agreement between Lead Partners and partners of an INTERREG project