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Analysis and research activities

The diversity emanating from the 79 ACP States constitute a unique cultural richness. It equally represents a major challenge for anyone aiming at producing relevant research results and recommendations at the ACP level.

Given the considerable magnitude of the research field, a specific methodology had to be designed. The Observatory has chosen to undertake research activities in 6 pilot countries that epitomize the linguistic, geographic and political diversity prevailing in the APC realm.
In Central Africa, e Democratic Republic of the Congo, West Africa, Guinea Bissau, East Africa , Djibouti , Southern Africa , Botswana , Caribbean, Jamaica, Pacific , Papua New Guinea.

The field research will be based on case studies targeting and involving a variety of organisations actives in the field of cultural industries such as theatre groups, designers pools, photo agencies, etc. This approach will allow the production of evidence-based results an therefore will reduce the risk created by unreliable or lacking statistic data generally observed in ACP countries. It also enables a progressive involvement of cultural actors in the research process.

The research results will be at the disposal during mid 2010. They will take the form of :

- tools for the analysis of the ACP cultural sector,
- practical guidelines for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of cultural policies,
- and methodological tools for the collection and analysis of cultural statistics.

In addition, the Observatory will launch a feasibility study with a view to defining future orientations for the work of the Cultural Observatory in the long run. As a preliminary step to the actual implementation of this study, the Observatory maintains a permanent contact with operators, decision makers and researchers in order to gather their views and their needs in that matter. This is an ongoing activity materialized by professional exchanges, meetings and seminars to which the Observatory takes part and/or organizes.