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Training & Mobility

One of the priorities of the ACPCultures programme is to professionalize ACP cultural actors and to support intra-ACP exchanges and linkages between artists and cultural professionals.

The transnational mobility of artists and cultural professionals is of major importance in achieving these goals. Artists and cultural professionals need to travel beyond borders to extend their scope of activities and meet new audiences, to find new sources of inspiration to make their creations evolve, and to exchange experiences and learn from each other with a view to developing their careers.

In addition to concrete projects funded by our Grants programme, our aim is to contribute to capacity-building for ACP cultural operators by facilitating information on training and certain structured mobility programmes.

Permanent Training Centres


ACPCultures would like to enlarge its database of ACP cultural professionals with training centres and institutions in the field of arts and culture. The aim is to map your organisation and promote exchange with others, serving as an information point on ACP cultural creativity and its actors.

If you are a Training Centre or an Education Institution of interest for ACP cultural operators, you are invited to create your own profile by registering in ACPCultures Database under the chapter "Networking".


Le Réseau Européen des Centres de Formation d'Administrateurs Culturels (ENCATC) est le seul réseau européen regroupant des Établissements d'Enseignement Supérieur et des Centres de formation travaillant dans le champ de la formation en gestion culturelle.

L'Inventaire ENCATC / UNESCO est une base de données on-line interactive qui compte avec 132 membres et est actif dans 34 pays. Il présente des informations actualisées sur les centres de formation en Europe et dans le monde. Il couvre aussi des pays des Caraïbes et de l'Afrique.

Quelques Centres ACP répertoriés :

L'Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA), basée à Porto-Novo, Bénin, est un établissement universitaire de 2ème cycle à vocation internationale, spécialisé dans la conservation et la médiation du patrimoine culturel tangible et intangible. Elle propose à 26 pays d'Afrique subsaharienne francophone, de former des professionnels de la conservation et de la mise en valeur du patrimoine culturel.

L'Université Senghor d'Alexandrie (Egypte) Opérateur direct de la Francophonie, cette Université internationale de 3ème cycle en langue française a été créée en 1989. Elle a pour vocation de former des cadres et des formateurs de haut niveau et d'orienter leurs aptitudes vers l'action et l'exercice des responsabilités dans certains domaines prioritaires pour le développement, y compris le secteur de la culture.

UNISA est la première Université africaine à distance on-line. Elle offre des certificats internationalement reconnus, y compris dans le domaine des politiques et de la gestion culturelle.


Association des Universités Africaines (AUA) est une organisation de choix et un forum de consultation, d'échange d'information et de coopération entre les institutions d'enseignement supérieur en Afrique.

ACTI est une association des centres de formation de troisième cycle dans la région des Caraïbes.

APRU est un consortium de 42 Universités dans le Pacifique.

The Association of Universities of the Commonwealth is an inter-university network composed of 500 members spread across five continents.

The University Agency of the Francophonie (AUF) is now the link between a network of 686 establishments covering every continent, in 81 countries. Each year the AUF hands out more than 2 000 grants through its mobility programme.

Bursaries. Mobility of artists and professionals

We hereby introduce you to a non-exhaustive list of programmes and organisations related to artist mobility and training exchanges.

These organisations pursue their own objectives, which should not necessarily coincide with those of ACPCultures. Our aim is to facilitate your research.

UNESCO Fellowships Programme

The UNESCO Fellowship Programme aims to contribute to the enhancement of national capacity-building in areas that are closely aligned to UNESCO's expected strategic objectives and programme priorities.

FORD FOUNDATION International Fellowships Program (IFP)

The International Fellowships Programme (IFP) provides support for up to three years of formal post-graduate studies for approximately 4,000 fellows from 22 eligible countries (including African and Caribbean). In the listing of academic disciplines covered, culture and creativity are included.

a href=""> UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists

The Programme offers residencies to young artists (between 25 and 35 years old).

Triangle Art Trust initiates and finances an international network of artist led workshops and residencies, with an emphasis on Africa and the Caribbean.

Res Artis is the largest existing network of artist residency programmes, representing the interests of more than 200 centres and organisations in 49 countries worldwide that offer international artists facilities and conditions conducive for making art.

Trans Artists Foundation apporte une information sur les programmes internationaux de résidences d'artistes. Res Artis is the largest existing network of artist residency programmes, representing the interests of more than 200 centres and organisations in 49 countries worldwide that offer international artists facilities and conditions conducive for making art.

Art Moves Africa (AMA) offers travel funds to artists, arts professionals and cultural operators living and working in Africa to travel within the African continent in order to engage in the exchange of information, the enhancement of skills, the development of informal networks and the pursuit of cooperation.

The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation supports young creators below 30 years old, in the field of Culture and the Medias.

Jean-Paul Blachère Foundation programs different actions: in-residencies, workshops, cahiers critiques, partnerships and exhibitions.

The Thami Mnyele Foundation promotes the exchange of art and culture between Africa and the Netherlands.

Arts Collaboratory is a programme for visual artists-led initiatives from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and for exchange with visual arts organisations in the Netherlands.

The Japanese Network of Artists in residence programs offer residencies in Japanese institutions to national and international artists.

ACP Agenda on Training events

ACPCultures offers professionals a communication service on training events. The aim is to create an agenda on seminars, courses, in-residencies and conferences of interest for ACP cultural operators.

To disseminate information about your training event in our Web-site "Agenda", we have compiled a form to easily present your event: click here